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Buy all the real estate and turn the owner of the city. Do you find this very difficult? It’s because he never played Monopoly. The classic board game is now available for Windows, Android and iOS. Launch the data, buy and sell real estate and manage your fortune as best you can.

Monopoly, the original name in English, is known worldwide and is the best-selling game in US history. All the rules of the game are the same as the old board game, so you will not have any difficulty playing or maybe winning at all.

From Marvin Gardens and Water Works Park Place, own and manage your entries on the famed Monopoly board, now featuring animated symbols and interactive features. The game is easy with smart design and intuitive controls.

Be the owner of the city
The main goal of Monopoly is to make money, that is, whoever finishes the richest game or whoever is the last to fail is the great winner. At the beginning, you will earn an amount and you will have to invest in the options of the map, however, you can only buy those places that stop, thanks to the numbers of the data.

After you buy a location, you will receive a kind of toll every time a participant lands on the site. In addition, you can also trade the place for whatever amount you want, just requiring that some participant stop at your Monopoly establishment. Although it’s a game similar to the traditional board version, Monopoly promises fun for nostalgic and table game fans On duty.

Board game
Monopoly Real Estate, Monopoly download is one of the most popular board games of all time. It allows one player against the computer, or several, in online matches. To start playing, just run the program and start it.

You can play up to 6 people per game, and you can choose to play against your friends or the computer (up to five “computers” against you). Choose each player’s name, difficulty level and color of their pawns and start the game.

Monopoly android Monopoly android Monopoly android

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