Grand Prix Story 2 – free android game download

Grand Prix Story 2 is a fantastic strategy management game to create and manage your own Formula 1 team. Build vehicles, hire mechanics and engineers, invest money in improving your facilities, negotiate with sponsors, and more, just like you managing its own team of professional drivers.

Your main function happens on the bench between races, while you perform each of the necessary steps to train your team. By winning tournaments, you gain access to more challenging competitions than ever before. For this reason, you will have to constantly improve your vehicles.

During races, unlike what happens in the first title of the saga, you can actually ‘get behind the wheel’ of your vehicle. Although pilots perform all maneuvers automatically, you can activate turbo mode and brake whenever you feel it is appropriate. In this way, inevitably the triumph of victory or defeat is left in their hands.

The Grand Prix Story 2 is another excellent game from Kairosoft (Game Dev Story, Hotspring Story), which offers a similar experience to previous titles in this saga. Although this time with some quite impressive improvements and interesting news. All this comes with the usual charm present in each of Kairosoft’s titles.

Grand Prix Story 2 Grand Prix Story 2

Grand Prix Story 2

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