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starfront collision

Starfront: Collision HD is an unashamed ‘tribute’ to Blizzard’s PC sales-juggernaut StarCraft 2, with three races – The Consortium, Myriad, and Wardens (Humans, insects, robots) – all battling it out for control of the precious resource Xenodium.

The 17 missions on offer in the single-player campaign won’t offer up too many surprises for the PC-veterans – consisting mainly of either the base-building, wave defence, or squad management archetypes that dominate the genre – but they’re executed with a style that’s often found lacking in other RTS games on iPad.

Part of this is down to the fully-featured tech-tree and upgradable units, but mainly it’s thanks to the relative freedom you have to execute a mission.

There’s none of the RTS-lite gameplay that another series forces on you (Red Alert, I’m still looking at you) – missions give you an objective or two and let you get along with working out how to achieve it in your own way, for the most part.

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Password rar file: RomsAndEmulators

starfront collision starfront collision starfront collision

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